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Your Smart Home Awaits

Smart, Meet Home

The smart home revolution is here.

A smart home setup allows your home to be more independent, freeing up time for you to focus on the things that matter. Improve your life, your comfort, and the value of your home with a modern system fully tailored to your needs.

At DigitalSolace, we excel in meeting your smart home needs, from installation to maintenance and everything in between.

Unlock your home's true potential

Imagine a home equipped to optimize the use of all its systems with less effort on your part: lighting, security systems, HVAC, doors, multimedia, blinds, and more.

Discover the incredible world of home automation and all its advantages.


Brighten your day, adjust ambience, or simply turn off all the lights before bedtime – without having to get out of bed of course. Smart lighting can reflect your mood, while also helping to reduce your energy bill.


Forgetting to lock the front or garage door does not need to be a stressful experience. With smart locks you can lock or unlock doors from anywhere.

Climate Control

When you come home from work, play, or vacation the temperature should be just right. A smart thermostat can ensure that the temperature and humidity are always adequate. Smart thermostats are also great for optimizing energy consumption.


Whether you are working from home, streaming/sharing social media content, playing your favorite video game, or simply enjoying your whole home wireless sound system, your network must be equipped to handle the load effortlessly.


Automated operation tailored to your schedule. With automatic opening and closing, let in natural light in the morning to help you wake up or block out natural light before bed and maintain a comfortable temperature.


Protect your home from anywhere. Access surveillance cameras on the go to give you peace of mind. Motion sensors and floodlights ward off unwanted visitors. Receive notifications when someone accesses your property. While away from home, appear as though your home is occupied to ward off potential intruders.


Automated monitoring of fire, carbon monoxide, flooding and other threats provides additional comfort. Get notified of potential issues before and as they happen. Automatically connect to emergency services from anywhere.

And So Much More!

Smart home technology continues to grow. Automate day-to-day processes to make your life easier. Watering your plants, mowing your lawn, cleaning your home and many other activities can now be done with the push of a button or voice command.

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Why Digitalsolace

Expert Knowledge and Exceptional Customer Service

DigitalSolace offers innovative solutions for your smart home needs. We are committed to enhancing your security, particularly as it relates to your privacy.

Our smart home professionals handle installation and activation of your systems and will equip you with the skills to maximize their utility. With a reliable and accessible support team, help is readily available when needed.

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About Us

Our Roots

Digital: Available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer.

Solace: Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort.

Who We Are

DigitalSolace is a team of experts that will help you meet your technological needs. Founded in 2009, we are an industry leader in smart home installation. Based in New York, our reach extends across the United States.

What We Promise

We believe privacy and security are critical to the successful implementation of modern technology. We believe a connected home should remain a protected home.

DigitalSoalce promises to put your privacy and security above everything else.

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